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Buying Motorbike with Swedish registration

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    Buying Motorbike with Swedish registration


    For a while I was looking for motorbikes in Sweden and already had found some good examples for reasonable price,but after contacting a seller it was everything ok till he finds out that I'm bringing bike out of the country.My question is it really such a big head pain to transfer ownership to foreigner, what is the best way to do it.
    I'm always in need of older generation LC4 highflow engine supermoto or enduro bikes,if someone thinks of selling I could be interested.


    There are three things that needs to be done for the seller. He needs to send in a paper that the bike has been exported. He needs to send in the licence plate. He needs to send in some proof of the export.

    So sum it up it is a bit of a hassle compared to selling the bike to a swedish residence. How can you give proof of export at the sale, before the export(?). And the risk involved are that if the ownership change does not go though the seller may get invoices for tax, parking tickets etc. And I guess most people has no idea of how an export works.

    There are also many scams were foreigner calls and want to buy things for a lot of money. And then scam people with western union or something similar.

    But hey, don't let that stop you.
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